Frozen Yogurt – Now at AlDahiya Juice


AlDahiya Juices in AlDahiya Coop just launched frozen yogurt!!!

MixBerries” started supplying Al Dhahiya Juices with their secret mix (original flavor)!

And they way they say it is… “Try the highest quality frozen yogurt and feel it from the texture”


  • KD1.200 for original ,
  • KD1.600 for original mixed with fruits

I’m going to get me one NOW!

Thanks Rashed 😉


I just tried it plain (my sister and mom tried it with fruit mix) and its AMAZING!

18 responses to “Frozen Yogurt – Now at AlDahiya Juice

  1. Me too a great healthy treat yum!

  2. eeeehh ra7at ayamek ya “3war galb” :p

    • sadgeeni ma ra7at 3alaih… every time I order some, I see people still getting it. If I go with my sister, I will get a frozen yogurt and she will get 3awaar galb 😉

  3. احل عصير بالكويت … واكيد هذا راح يكون لذيذ …. وشكرا على هل بوست المنعش 🙂

  4. Interesting!
    Gotta give it a try and maybe I’ll like it.

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  6. Thats an interesting cup-holder. Is that aftermarket fitment or part of the car’s package?

  7. I just tried it and I SWEAR it’s the BEST frozen yogurt in Kuwait!

  8. wayy kil moukaann 😛 enhaadaww 3alih 😛
    enshalla bathouqaa sooon 😛

  9. Is it better than pinkberry?? Honestly I didn”t like it there!
    I am gonna try this one, let’s see 🙂

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