52 Degrees Opening

I was invited to 52 Degrees opening last Wednesday October 20th!

The setting and atmosphere was absolutely fabulous! You enter a la red carpet style with lots of photographers snapping pictures!

I walked in with my friends… we started walking in and about, got the chance to meet and talk to different business owners


The fabulous Maha AlAsaker with one of her photos

A darling piece of furniture, true art - I LOVE!

Mexican Elephant Design

Frobie (Frozen Yogurt "Roub")

The hall was designed Β in a lounge-like design! Loved it! The crowd was nice and we had an hour of time allowing everyone to mingle and walk around

Just a couple of minutes before their official launch speech πŸ˜‰

Oh and the Fabulous Haya Abdulsalam was there! Gotta love this actress

Below is the official press release from 52 Degrees and the video of 52 Degrees Opening Coverage on AlWatan News

Wednesday Oct 20, 2010:

Regency Hotel witnessed the opening ceremony of the long awaited 52 Degrees store. Attendees walked a red carpet, amid the continuous flashes of photographers, before entering the hall.

Held at the Al-Maha Ballroom, guests were invited to stroll around and view a selection of the different items that will be available at 52 Degrees store. With background music merging old Kuwaiti songs with upbeat House tunes, the crowd socialized in a casual yet sophisticated ambiance. Guests met and chatted with the designers, photographers and artists participating in 52 Degrees.

Two large screens on the front wall played short clips at 5 minute intervals, showcasing the multiple attractions 52 Degrees will offer and finally unveiling their latest advertisement to a big round of applause.

In his speech, General Manager Abdullah Ghazi Al Mudhaf praised the collective effort of the entire team, and gave a special mention to the late Nejood Boodai, who was one of the first Kuwaiti fashion designers to debut her line internationally.

The event was the final link in the chain of teasers that was part of the store’s advertising campaign and ensures the certainty that 52 Degrees multi-brand store will be an imminent success.


52 Degrees Team

12 responses to “52 Degrees Opening

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  2. The one thing missing is who are the designers (not mentioned in any corner)?
    To the public, they look like ghosts with # 52!! πŸ˜‰
    I want more info please. Thanks

  3. The girls were trying too hard with the clothes/accessories/makeup they were wearing !

  4. Not bad … guess what i’m not shown in your photos (sort of) ;D
    ‘Stealth’ like always

  5. Lots of skinnies around- makes me really want to stick with my diet lol.

  6. Dayum. Some chichas are mind blowing.

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