Quick Update!

I am busy busy busy… busy doing many things at the same time that the term “Busy Bee” should be changed to “Busy Ansam”

I am not ignoring the email messages and blog contact messages – just to busy to get back to you all in a timely manner

I have some posts cooking up – tried Wash ‘n Drive and I will be posting my review about it this weekend 😉

Attended 52 Degrees opening, snapped few pictures here and there that I will be also sharing with you soon 😉

I also have more – just give me time and a break (today at least) so I can sort things out! I really have lots on my plate right now!


7 responses to “Quick Update!

  1. ok ,,take the rest of the day off :p

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  3. الله يعينج ويعطيج العافيه

    ناطرين البوستات


  4. take your time! but we’ll be waiting 😀

    • I am back – kinda – but will be traveling tomorrow… I prepared few posts here and there for you guys, but will try to post while I am traveling too 😉

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