Chef Ahmed AlBader – Interview on Khaleejesque

Just read about it on iLSuL6ana!

Born and raised in Kuwait, AlBayan Bilingual School graduate, Ahmed Al-Bader always had an interest in the culinary arts. After graduating from high school he decided to attend the Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island to pursue his passion. The accreditation of majors and universities played a huge role in determining his education since during the time of his studies, the Ministry of Higher Education did not offer scholarships for majors in the Culinary Arts, and neither was Johnson and Wales a credited university in the State of Kuwait. It was then that Al-Bader decided to transfer to Suffolk University in Boston where he majored in Finance and minored in Marketing.

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3 responses to “Chef Ahmed AlBader – Interview on Khaleejesque

  1. I look up to this guy! Going after ur passion against all odds and pursuing it. WTG Chef Ahmed 😉

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