Do not turn at a green light UNLESS there is space enough for you to completely go through before the light goes red again! When there isnt a space for that, stay where you are and DONT cause a traffic jam and block the street like this!

13 responses to “No-No!

    In Dubai, our neighbour where EVERYONE respects the traffic law… they have that statement loud and clear… do not cross the intersection unless it’s clear… we do that in Q8 whenever it happens and guess what? HORNS are honked at us… 6aaa6 6aaa6 inah why arent we jumping into the intersection even though it’s blocked?!

    7ala kaseefa wallah…

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. A basic rule of the road that nobody in our Country understands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Akrah akrah akraaaaah Hal 7araka!!! Always happens in jabreya near Mubarak hospital o I haaaate it!!

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  5. And when you follow the rules & don’t cross and rather wait till there is enough space to cross, people will not only honk at you but gesture with there hands as well. Very rude. We are turning into a nation that is rude, impatient and in arguments use the hands before the brain (i.e. fight). So sad we were the pioneers in the Gulf but those were the old days:((((

  6. No one applies this here. A guy once almost slit my throat cuz I stayed behind the traffic light and it turned red. He was literally bouncing in his chair from anger throughout the red-light waiting period. I honestly considered running a red light to avoid his angry stares.

  7. LOOOOOL hatha 9ar manthar 6abee3iii bil Kuwait:P iltaqa6i3 e9eer feh cars yayeen min 2 sides of the road ..o i still dont get it shlon e9eer halshay 😛

  8. mr. snuffleupagus

    Shefahumhum il bogar…wallah 7alaah

  9. all the time in jabreya where mubarak hospital is located!!!!
    5oosh post (Y)
    I’m loving it 😉

  10. As frustrating as that may be … driving in Saudi is wayyyy worse. That do not even stop at the red lights .. not joking. At least one Saudi will run each & every light i’m stopped at.

  11. thank you!!
    eshbe9er if you waited 5 more minutes?
    nas a’3biya ma 3indhom la e7tiram wala thouq (sorry for the words).

  12. Idiots ! They only think about themselves and forget other road users ! If it was vice versa they’d be honking all day and night ! I say forget who’s behind you and do the right thing wait till it’s clear to cross ! That’s what the yellow junction is for ? But for most people it’s just yellow paint ! Wish the police department would change and bring in the British where there once was a system!

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