Napket – New Icy Flavor

I’ve got some news for you 😉 Napket team is now working on introducing a new icy yogurt flavor 😉

Nutella 😉 They are still in the testing/tasting stage… but I just could not wait to tell you about it 😉 It will be out soon and available at Napket!

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 22597755

11 responses to “Napket – New Icy Flavor

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  2. Please tell me this is not the Nutella icy yogurt in the pic !!! it looks like a coffee flavor ,, !!!
    Plzzzzzz tell them to add more Nutella , make it chocolateier !! ( i know it ‘s not a word ,, it’s a taste ,, LOL 😀 ) …
    the color is a huge turnoff !! not tempting at all ,, not sure about the flavor though ,, but as a certified chocoholic 😛 I didn’t like it ..

  3. eee and u know , a7es it could be even yummier if it was topped with chocolate shave or choc syrup , no ?

  4. en sha Allah this is coffee:)

  5. I think there is some milk added to it, that’s why it has that light brown look!
    It reminds me of that merry cream I used to have when I was a kid! yummm!!

  6. th pic not that tempting, but the idea is pure devine! Yummmmmmmy!

  7. Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ya galby!
    but there goes the healthy part of the frozen yogurt concept lol

  8. i want the watermelon back!!! :(((

  9. yummmm!! I can’t believe it!! I love nutella!!

  10. I liked Napket when they opened!
    Now, I just pass on it!!! L

  11. Your comments will be delivered to Napket’s team 😉

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