OKKU – Dubai

As I was planning my Dubai trip, OKKU was on my list of restaurants to try… and luckily for me, my cousin GeeGoo took us for a treat there! It was her, myself, few family members, and a friend… such a wonderful evening and an amazing company! Too bad I do not have pictures to share with you because 1. I did not have my camera with me that day, and 2. it was too dark for me to snap any pictures using my mobile camera (the pictures below are taken from their website ;-))

Anyways… lets start with atmosphere, the restaurant is located in The Monarch Hotel on Sheikh Zayed St. As you pass the reception area of the restaurant, you walk by the lounge, then the bar, and lastly the restaurant

Very calm and sophisticated atmosphere… the place was FULL! GeeGoo took charge into ordering everything for us under one condition that she orders salmon sashimi for me 😉 Which was good!

They start you off with what look like an orange slice crisps with special sauce… we ordered different kinds of edamame, appetizers, different sushi rolls, and black cod which was so butter like in texture! I am telling you it is AMAZING – not to be missed!

I also ordered lychee sorbet for dessert, which I fell in love with instantly! You know… me and frozen treats hehehe. Muna ordered Jasmine tea which was served in tall clear glass, the jasmine flower opened after a couple of minutes and it was such a beautiful sight! I really wish I had some pictures to share!

Anyways… its a restaurant not to be missed for sure!

Thank you GeeGoo 😉

5 responses to “OKKU – Dubai

  1. 3alaykom bil 3afia eyanen il ma63am o akla latheeth indeed not to be missed.

  2. glad u liked it i have been craving the food since!! *droolz*

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