Social House – Dubai Mall

Located at the lower ground level of Dubai Mall, with its huge open space, high ceilings, friendly staff, and unique menu… the place is VERY warm and VERY inviting!

I started snapping away and no one seemed to mind at all 😉 *whew*

See the open space… LOVE IT!

And the high ceilings…

If I was to categorize it I would go for a fancy casual dining restaurant!

Now the waiter told us that they have a beautiful terrace area with special cooling system that would be really nice to check out for breakfast/brunch or dinner… we were there at lunch time so it was a bit hot to sit there, but now I know that I have another place to check for breakfast next time I am in Dubai 😉

Anyways… he handed us the hanger-like menus, and from the food selection was all a mix if the far east; Indonesian/Japanese/Chinese/Singaporean/Thai/Malaysian…. and more!!

My friend and I both ordered this juice – can you guess the ingredients?

Its made of beetroot, apples, and lemon juices! Tasted weird… but the good kinda weird 😉

We shared everything… from the salad; which was made of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sesame chicken, garlic, pomelo, and cashew nuts

My friend dared me to eat a clove of garlic – and you bet I DID! It wasnt too strong! The salad was good actually

Another dish we shared was chicken and lemon grass – that was fabulous

and the much talked about Bibimpad – a fried rice with beef and veggies, topped with poached eggs in a clay pot!

The waiter mixed the egg with the rice

And the end result is… TA DA

Now I have to tell you that Bibimpad is not for everyone, only for those who appreciate this kind of unique and delicious far eastern food!

All in all, the dishes were cooked lightly and with the freshest ingredients, although spicy and although it is me who cannot really tolerate spicy food well, I enjoyed it to the max… the spiciness was just about right and our waiter was FABULOUS! He kept suggesting dishes and kept coming to ask if everything was okay and asked if we needed help in anyway!

But thats not it… I ordered carrot cake and it was for me, myself, and I… I did not want to share and I asked for ONE spoon! The cake arrived

As you can see I was busy taking a photo shoot for this sexy looking cake

When my friend grabbed a spoon from the table next to us and stole a bite (or two) from my cake… nevertheless, the cake, food, and the whole experience makes me wanna go back again 🙂 I highly recommend you drop by this place if you’re into that kind of food and cuisine! Not to be missed, seriously 😉

They are still working on their website (link), but you can follow them on twitter for news and updates (link)

10 responses to “Social House – Dubai Mall

  1. عليج بالعافيه

    انا شفت المكان اينن بصراحه

    كبير وشرح

  2. you HAVE to try their waffles, TDF!! they come with the yummiest cream cheese ever.
    I’m out of words to describe how fresh they were!

  3. huh!! how come i never saw it !!!
    omg it looks amazing , bil3afiaaaa :*

  4. mashala everytime i pass by this place its packed no wonder why, will try it next time inshala.

  5. Today we were asked to leave the Social House if we didn’t agree to move to a different table, so we chose to leave and all the manager could do was say he is sorry.

    Let me tell you how it started, we asked the waitress if we could sit on a specific table which she said yes to. After sitting we ordered drinks while going through the menu. Another waiter came up and said that we had to move to a different location because this part of the restaurant was shut down, when we asked why, he said because they were fumigating it. I was shocked to hear that they were fumigating a restaurant in the middle of the day while there were lots of people walking around and sitting only meters away from the area we were in. of course I didn’t believe him and I said that he was insulting our intelligence and if they insisted on us moving we would leave. So the waiter left to get the manager, who then asked us to move tables and if we didn’t want to he would be happy for us to leave which we did.

    I have to say that this has never happened to me before in my life. The manager of the Social House must be one of the worst restaurant managers ever to allow something like this to happen. Especially when they are teaching their staff to tell customers that they are fumigating in the middle of the day while to place is open for work.

    Shouldn’t the Dubai Health Authority be informed incase this is really happening?

    Anyway, I will never step back in this restaurant ever again and would suggest to anyone else thinking of going not to.

    Please spread the word and let people understand that they can’t get away with doing whatever they want without having to pay the consequence.

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