Mr. Bones – Dubai Mall

Unlike Mr. Bones in The Avenues (click here & here)… The Emirates Mr. Bone is super clean! I actually saw it more than once in different places (Harvey Nicks, Dubai Mall, and the airport) and he was super clean with no names marked on him! I thought they were signature skeletons!

As I googled Mr. Bones… I came across this website (also was given to me by a friend a while back) when I realized the blog author used my very own picture of Mr. Bones (link)

Anyways… here is a picture of Mr. Bones in Dubai Mall… all dressed up and all clean

Question: Which one do you like better?

5 responses to “Mr. Bones – Dubai Mall

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  2. he actually looks creepy to me!!


  3. loool zoqaa , i love this 1 more !!

  4. ahahahah cutie mr bones

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