Rivington Grill – Dubai

Rivington Grill is one of those places I heard so much about and kept telling people to try it before I even did. I was so looking forward to trying it while in Dubai. I sent an email to reservations@rivingtongrill.ae to reserve a table for two on Friday. The way they deal with their online reservation is so professional. I got a confirmation by email & SMS confirming my reservation.

So on the day, my friend and I walked from Dubai Mall to Souk Al Bahar. The place was so full of life and beautiful 😉

The restaurant is located in Level 3 of Souk Al Bahar – very white and very refreshing!

We were seated inside by the terrace overlooking Burj Khalifa and were given the menus – but I kept looking at the black boards for their daily specials…

I ordered Steak Tartare for appetizer while my friend ordered Scallops

I was told by our waitress that their steak tartar is made of ground meat but not the very finely ground meat other restaurants usually serve, but rather chunks of marinated beef. It was fabulous and the plate was emptied by both of us.. I also got to try a scallop from my friend, which was swimming in a creamy garlicy cauliflowery buttery heavenly sauce.

We also ordered flowery broccoli something (I dont have a picture of which :-/)

And believe it or not… I skipped all the steak selections and went ahead with their dish of the day, mussels and fries – it was so good and I do not regret it 😉

Specially when my very kind friend offered me a piece of steak – although very small, but it was a very kind and noted gesture – DELICIOUS!

Now desserts were totally another experience at Rivington Grill! We ordered one of their special of the day desserts, a bitter dark chocolate mousse with raspberries + raspberry sauce and an ice cream. My friend ordered coffee while I opted for rosebud tea infused with some other herbal tea 😉

Look at this… a piece of art!

I loved it and enjoyed every single bite I have taken from that dish! I really hope when any of you visit gets to try this dish, although I wouldnt know how often they make it… good news is their ice cream that we ordered was on the menu and not a daily special because I also highly recommend you give it a go!! Why? ITS AMAZING! There is this weird yet VERY interesting aftertaste of salt and pepper after every bite! I cant even describe it in words!

And that was my rosebud tea! Hmmm very aromatic and very pink – unlike the one I tried making at home (link)

If my memory serves me well, our bill came close to AED550 or around that. It was a very much needed meal after our not-so-good dinner the day before at Asado restaurant (in that same area)

6 responses to “Rivington Grill – Dubai

  1. My first thought is: your poor friend must have walked out HUNGRY!! Are they serious?!?!? Now that’s supposed to be a steak platter??? I like my steaks HUGE… butchershop style HUGE! That was like we say, shem w la tdoo2! Quite the tease!

    Other than that sounds like you enjoyed your lunch. 🙂 alf sa7tein. 🙂

    • Hahaha its their serving size and you pick the wight actually 😉 But we enjoyed the meal and shared everything 😉 It was nice

      3a-albek inshallah 😀

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  3. That is a nice post!

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