Cafe Havana

During my last trip to Dubai… I wanted to meet as much family members I have there and friends I havent seen for ages. I was here, there, and everywhere. I go to my course in the morning at 8:30AM and finish around 2:30PM and then I go from one place to another – it was too busy but so much fun 😉 Anyways one of the places I tried -and recommended by my cousin Layla- was Cafe Havana.

I pretty much use caffeine all morning during my course… drinking black coffee and herbal teas, so later in the day.. I would go for something fresh, say ICED TEA for example!! 😉 My friend opted for a latte

The place was empty… I dont know if it was that time of the day or the location, but the same coffee shop in Mall of Emirates seems to be always fuller than this on at Dubai Mall

Both our drinks were good… The iced tea was much needed after a very long day and Dubai summery weather 😉

I do prefer to go to cafes that we dont have here in Kuwait just for the fun of experimenting and exploring… if you’re this way, then give it a try… I browsed through their menu and they seem to have pretty good selection too 😉

6 responses to “Cafe Havana

  1. thier breakfast is delicious too..

    n so is almost everything on their menu :p

    i ws a Havana addict when i lived in UAE..

  2. emmmmm seems delicious ..
    fe havana cafe in al kout mall but i didnt try it ..

  3. Cafe Havana is #1
    It is for Bin Hindi Group

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