Tomato Rising Prices Effects

Casper & Gambini’s Tomato Soup before the rise of tomato prices

And my soup -today’s order- the aftermath (in a coffee to-go cup)

11 responses to “Tomato Rising Prices Effects

  1. Ansam I didn’t get u? U mean the changed the cup to smaller?

  2. exactly, that’s what i complained about this week! i ordered my broccoli soup and i love how huge the cup is later this week wella it’s very very small and the price is the same?! leeeesh?! I love C&G bs lesh elmaj3a9a y3ni?! la wel bread is cut in half o yaybeen only one half @@?!

  3. it’s for all soups 😦

  4. LOL, its funny how u have a before/after shot of the soup mug 😀


    Chill, theyr just out of cups.

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