Chocolate & Macaroon – My Picture

This is a snapshot of one of the pages on Chocolate & Macaroon‘s new menu

Check the middle picture…. rings a bell 😉 ? Okay! Now check this post 😉 Yes its mine 😉

15 responses to “Chocolate & Macaroon – My Picture

  1. Did they ask you for it ? :p

  2. est2thenaw mennch !

  3. LooL nice! Now you must demand payment by having endless free supply of the killer whenever you feel like it 😉


    I dont get it, the link to the other post is about you having a choc fondant?

    But again, amazing and congrats!


    Oh got it!! the snapshot, i thought u were saying that its ur recipe! silly me;p

  6. You should totally ask for some sort of compensation (preferably in free Killers for life!) 😀 But seriously, you should tell them either they ‘pay up’ or remove your picture off their menu. Enough is enough with all that taking credit for other people’s work without paying them for it!!

    • I knew about it when I was tagged in the picture.. and I am like hmmm okaay!! But I kinda am friends with the owner. I would have preferred he asked me before taking it from my blog! But what can I say! You know?

  7. Okay, here’s a suggestion for future pics. Create a Signature to be embedded in the pic… Hopefully that will keep others from taking credit for your work. 🙂

  8. shows you how inconsiderate and cheap that place is … personally, I don’t care for Chocolate & Macaroon … doesn’t have the wow factor like say Life with Cacao at 360.

    • Come on! I love this place… I like their food! Its not cheap at all! I am just wondering why they did not seek my permission when I am easily reached, thats all!

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