Lime Tree – Take II

The Lime Tree Cafe is one of the places I like to visit while in Dubai (Thanks to Amal who introduced me to it)

This time I ordered poached eggs on brown toast with black coffee 😉

Total freshness and yumminess

Oh and the pressed coffee was oh-so-good hmmm

My friend… unlike me, not a breakfast person ordered Muesli with fruit and yogurt

And this time… I did not want to miss on their notorious much hyped and talked about Carrot Cake… and I am glad I did. I can easily say that this cake is best carrot cake I have ever tried 😉 Moist from the inside with a yummy frosting – very yummy frosting ❤ Like Danderma said, its worth ruining your diet for 😉

Topped with Cape Gooseberry Fruit (link)

The Lime Tree Cafe is located in Jumeira on the beach road and next to Spinney’s. They are open daily from 7:30am to 6:00pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 1:00pm on weekends! Their tel # is +971 (0)4 3498 498

13 responses to “Lime Tree – Take II

  1. oh this place looks good!

  2. after looking at this i wanna go to the early bird right now 😛

  3. mmm now i am jealous from you 😥
    i want to go to Dubai now or maybe have someone franchise the lime tree cafe in Q8… it will be a big hit!

    3leekom bel 3afiya 😀

  4. Also at ibn Buttata mall….yummm

  5. عليج بالعافيه

    انسام ماحسيتي انه هل مطعم شوي اسعاره غاليه؟

  6. yum, cant wait to try it out

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