And The Answer Is…

Apparently I forgot to answer the question I posted a while back

And surprisingly, no one got it right… well I have to admit, it wasnt an easy one 😉 The brown bag contained N Sensation sandwich I posted about a while back (link)

Now I am not sure the item is ready to be served nor I promise you it is on the menu… all I know that it is supposed to be on the menu soon, but I used my connections in there for them to make me one cuz I was craving it like crazy 😉

Check this picture out! It was taken when we were trying new items for their new menu last August 😉

Grilled chicken, rocket leaves, beetroot sauce, and shreds of Parmesan – I think 😛 A fabulous snob chicken sandwich to have at any given day YUMMMMM

4 responses to “And The Answer Is…

  1. YUMMMMMMYYYY shakilha lazeeza aweeee

  2. ansam u made us wait for like a month! o0 a5er shay something that is not even on the menu ;p seriously!

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