Tribes – Mall of Emirates

A couple of people suggested I drop by the newly opened restaurant Tribes in the newly opened Fashion Dome in the Mall of Emirates 😉 and I did!

Tribes is an African themed restaurant with a variety of African dishes to choose from.

I wanted to capture more pictures of the place but I didnt want to bother people around… just to give you an idea, its very African themed… with drums, artifacts, shields, and sheepskin chairs… the atmosphere was amazing!

I went there with my Emirates cousin and her sister in law… two fabulous ladies who invited me for lunch that day (thank you ladies ;-))

I started of with a peach mocktail (forgot the name, but its along the line of skinned peach juice or something) – loved it

For appetizers, we shared pumpkin bread, which was strongly recommended by our waiter who promised to take it off the bill if worse comes to worst and we didnt like it… and a watermelon/mozzarella/rocket leaves salad

The pumpkin bread with melted cheese was amazing! This is coming from a person who is in LOVE with pumpkin – moi 😉

The salad was another story… for those who have been following my blog for a while, you know how I love the “surprise with every bite” kinda dishes… well this one did great too! I am so gonna copy it at home ❤

Now for our main courses.. it was a bit of a challenge for me! With all their yummy and mouthwatering selection, I wanted to go for something unique! They offer a variety of African dishes with African marinades and much more… it was a tough one for me since I did not know what to go for, but our very friendly waiter guided us through – I wanted to have read meat, it was a no-brainer for me… I just needed some pointers 😉

Amal ordered a Kalahari dish…. a stew like base topped with VERY tender meat… I know that because I stole a bite 😛

Alia ordered wagyu steak and French fries… she liked it a lot 😉

As for me, I went for this dish… (forgot the name, sorry :-()

It was beef cooked in black pepper sauce with coconut milk – It was really good… a bit spicy but I ate almost all of it 😉

The bill came in a totem like artifact with a spoon end

I didnt even get the chance to touch it because the fabulous ladies invited me for lunch 😉 Toldya… I was spoiled to the max on this trip 😉

When in Dubai and in an adventurous mood to try not-your-usual steak, drop by Tribes 😉 Its worth it!

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  2. Ansam your post was two days late!!! … I was looking for somewhere new to dine at Dubai mall this friday .. I was there for a very quick visit..

  3. Love the idea of pumpkin bread looks interesting, would’ve loved to c more of the interior though, seems distinct 🙂


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