Etisalat – Top Up Machines

While in Dubai, I subscribed for Etisalat prepaid service… I got the line with an offer for AED25 credit on my phone, but since I was there for like 10 days, I wanted to top it up with more credit… I go to one of the souvenir shops and ask for a top up card, and the guy pulls out a machine instead of actual card!

The receipt contains the amount paid, pin number to enter to obtain your credit, place/date/time/address of POS, transaction number, and customer care hotline.

Wouldnt such machines save us a lot on printing the conventional cards?

6 responses to “Etisalat – Top Up Machines

  1. Its the same here šŸ™‚ kil ma7alat el telephonat 3endohom this machine I saw it first time last march .. Its better than scratch a card lol

  2. I think in Europe u just top up at the cash register in any grocery store, very quick and convenient, was that the thing they did in Dubai?

  3. we have that already. it’s not registered to any company though. meaning you can get (wataniya-zain-viva) top-up numbers from the same machine.

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