Al Ghalia

Al Ghalia Home Accessories business started back in 1988! It opened its very first store in Zahra Complex in 1991! What makes them so special is that they enjoy buying beautiful and unique items, antique and new and present it to their clients!

For the past 15 years they held semi annual exhibitions showcasing their pieces

They specialize in home accessories, tables, lightings, paintings, antique furniture, silverware, plates, and more!

This cabinet was featured in the last season of Gossip Girl… now how cool is that?

Al Ghalia shop in Zahra complex (Tel: 25719308) is open five days a week *except Mondays* they holds an open house exhibition every Monday in AlJabriya Block 8, St 15, House #14 – Tel: 25352987/97236403

For more details, join their Facebook group (link)

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