STB – LONDON – Yeah Baby!

As an international business destination, London consists of some of the world’s most professional business schools. Therefore, the upcoming Small To Big (STB) will take place at King’s College London featuring a special customized course from November 7th to 12th. This program is intended to help established businesses grow and prosper into bigger businesses.

Omar AlHouti, Fahad AlFahad, Shamlan AlBahar, & Maryam Aleisa

This was announced in a press conference at October 4th in VIVA Marina Mall by VIVA Telecom and Pink Coffee Marketing & PR.

They also announced that applicants can go ahead and apply now on the currently renovated website where any entrepreneur can apply until October 16th, the application deadline.

Applicant Criteria

  1. Company is officially established.
  2. Company has potential to grow and prosper with respect to market demand and financial status.
  3. Company has been operating for a minimum of one year.
  4. Entrepreneur is capable of travelling and obtaining a UK visa.
  5. Entrepreneur is of Kuwaiti nationality.

Application Requirements

  1. Filling an online application
  2. Submittal of a written document that composes all the following (essay):
  • Company’s history
  • Success points throughout the business’s history
  • Challenges and weaknesses
  • Anticipated business potential and opportunities

The program will be free of charge to all participants including airfare and accommodation. The program is fully sponsored by VIVA Telecom and is organized by Pink Coffee Marketing & PR.


3 responses to “STB – LONDON – Yeah Baby!

  1. Pink coffee always have fresh ideas!

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  3. wow!! thats so cool!!


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