Rosebud Tea

I was at Kaifan Coop a while back when I spotted rosebud tea in International Mills

The tea is made of rosebuds, which is good for you… and not only that! Its aromatic pale brew is supposedly soothing and calming 😉 Can be used (infused) with other teas!

My take on it? Well… I expected the taste to be a bit stronger and the color to be rose-y!

Price tag? KD1

12 responses to “Rosebud Tea

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  2. This tastes anything like jasmine tea?

  3. looks pretty and cheap! I guess you can mix it with other teas to add flavor, doesn’t seem to hold up on its own.

  4. yummmm , a7es 7lo if we add a hint vanilla 😀

  5. i guess you should have boiled it with the water instead of just pouring hot water over it 🙂

  6. I have the same rosebuds but from a tea place in muthana complex i forgot about… i usually add it to my black tea to have a rose infused tea 🙂

    I have recently used it as an edible decoration also on top of a rose water infused pudding dessert… it looked amazing 😀

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