Armani Cafe – Dubai Mall

I was shopping at Dubai Mall with one of my cousins, Sara, in Dubai (yes, I have cousins from Dubai – very sweet ones – who were spoiling me like there was no tomorrow)… not that I was in the mood for shopping, I actually did not buy ANYTHING worth mentioning!!! Well anyways… we headed to Armani Cafe, it was a treat from the sweet Sara to me 😉

We both ordered Torrero (lemon/mint/redbull, if I am not mistaken) and their yummy zucchini soup that I love so much 😉

Whenever at Armani Cafe… give that soup a go! Its so light and hearty at the same time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT 😉

Sara ordered beef carpaccio salad – she was kind enough to offer me a bite… it was fabulous 😉 Its one of her favorite dishes there, so she said the toppings (salad) change between now and then for some reason… never the less, the Parmesan was so fresh and the carpaccio was yumm-O!

And what did I order? I ordered their burger 😉

Let me tell you this… the burger is so not junk-food like! It was so light and so lightly spiced… it taste healthy, if that’ll make sense?? Does it?

And no… I did not have dessert! Instead, I had Pinkberry with side by side pomegranate and original flavors… and there was NO LONG WAITING LINE there 😉

12 responses to “Armani Cafe – Dubai Mall

  1. looks yummy bel3afya

  2. yummmmy, iv heard so much of that place i wana go!

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  4. Looks highly appetizing.

  5. if you are still in dubai… try the cafe next to armani … it called Fauchon …

    try their chicken with lemon … it is soooo yammmmiii

    also their fauchon club sandwich is yammmi but i highly recommend chichen with lemon

    read more about it here:

    • We have that cafe in Kuwait 😉 But I only tried their desserts and drinks… and their burger which I did not like that much! I may give the other dishes a try thoigh! Thanks for the recommendations 😉

  6. fee pinkberry? meta fachoh? i only saw one in their airport.

  7. How much is the lunch cost in euros or dollars? In the Armani cafe

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