Ryoog – Second Visit

I have decided to give Ryoog a break before I try it again (click here to check my first review). So a couple of months back (I KNOW – it took me a while to post this one), I went again with Noon and her sisters! We headed there at around 6:30am before heading to work!

It was just us and another time when we got there! The service was still slow, but much better than our first visit…. I ordered American Breakfast this time

My problem is… it is somewhat different than the picture they have on their menu (below)

And my pancakes were significantly bigger in size than Noon’s – Sorry Noon 😛 I guess I am luckier 😛

And French Toast for Reo (for some reason, I dont have pictures of Rabaa’s food – I believe it was eggs in a skillet or something)

Anyways… Service improved, yet it was still slow. When we asked the waitress to bring us berries to have on top of our pancakes, she did! Wonder why she didnt have’em from the beginning…

Their aprons on the other hand read -something along these lines-

  • “What part of Your Food Is Not Ready Yet don’t you get?”
  • “Your food will be ready when the smoke alarm sounds”

I didnt really find them funny nor amusing! As a matter of fact, it kinda gave me a feeling that they have attitude problems!

Maybe a third visit is required? Third Time is the Charm ;-)??

36 responses to “Ryoog – Second Visit

  1. I’ve waited for them for very long time, and when I tried them they where one of my worst experience ever. The food quality is not good, it was cold beside the service and the note on their aprons wasn’t funny.
    I wish they change then I might try them again 🙂

    • Unlike you, I like their food… and thats why I went back, and I am planning to go for a third visit. My problem is with their slow (sometimes very slow) service.

  2. ana a7b hal mkan
    bs kel ma aro7la gam yqel 7obby hehehehe
    l akel gam y9er aqal bel kammeya o y5tlf bel 63m
    l service 3adl kalamch asr3 bshway

  3. From your review it doesn’t look like they’re taking this business seriously and furthermore “What part of Your Food Is Not Ready Yet don’t you get?” on an apron is shocking! what kind of message are they trying to send out?

  4. Hahaha, this post made me laugh. Yes the messages on their aprons really does give an impression of an attitude problem.

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention that I really didnt like whats written on the menu “Waffles oo rab3a” too vulgar not appetiting at all when u read it.

  6. You gave them a second chance and that’s enough. You are right about the attitude problem when it comes to bad service. We had a very bad experience with Ryoog and when I mentioned this on their facebook page with the sincere intention that they look into it so they do not lose business, the owner dismissed my remark and his response put me off completely. I much rather go to a place where I feel welcomed, served well and respected.

  7. we ordered a breakfast from Ryoog at work the other day. It was neither good or bad. I have to give it another chance I guess..

  8. food doesn’t look good at all hehe i hope it tasted good though. I’ve never been o mo mitshaj3a kilish after your posts lol

  9. US Pack & move !

    I guess if u dont have a sense of humor u just dont have it !
    I personally found the aprons funny,
    Some of us, me included appreciate that the food is made
    from scratch ( takes some time), but as u claim its only a hobby
    of yours Ansam (cooking), Hope your dream come true & open
    ur place one day, But mean while stick to what u know( from ur resume I dont know what), & as a blogger u need a better camera, or photography class.
    BTW from your modest experience & taste how did u find the food ?
    thanks for building my appetite, better be moving to get a table at Ryoog.

    • I dont have a sense of humor? And the comments left here too maybe? And my friend (and her sisters who were with me)? I work in Marketing and that kind of sense of humor (or sarcasm) wont work 😉 And excuse me… where did I complain about the food quality? Why do you think I went again and why did I mention I wanna go back for a third visit? Key word before you write such comment is READ WELL 😛 hehehe
      Why are you attacking me! My post was all constructive criticism, specially when you read about my first visit. And yes, I cook for fun and I enjoy it too… whats wrong with that?
      I do have MANY cameras, but sometimes I happen to have none with me, and I take pictures with my phone.
      The food was good, the service was slow… even when my friend wanted to take her coffee in a to go cup, it took them so long that her coffee turned cold… their solution? They heated it instead of making her a fresh one 😉

  10. eeeeeh , the aprons r just rude !! hmph
    bas ana agool ilthaltha thabta 😛

  11. The service it too slow, Third day of Eid I went at 5 am, there was only 2 couples and 3 friends of me, then the ppl started to come and come! there is only one waiter and his too slow in taking orders, the food was ok not that perfect, pancakes where very normal no taste!

  12. I think that US Pack & Move is the owner of Ryoog, because he is extremely rude same and tactless. There was no need to attack Ansam at all. Each one is entitled for his / her opinion, and just because Ansam underlined their bad service she was vicisouly attacked. Ansam you were extremely gracious in your reply.

    • Humoud Al Shamlan

      Sheikha !
      I’m the owner of Ryoog, Do you know me, or met me b4?
      tone it down pls, If you have a problem with the place or the owner just don’t show up, there is no need for that type of language.

    • Hello Humoud, thanks for dropping by 🙂
      I hope you took my constructive criticism with an open mind, cuz I really meant it that the food is good and makes me want to go back, but the service needs improvement! I look forward to my third visit 🙂


  13. Hi Ansam, my favourite breakfast place is Dean & Deluca. I love their menu and although it is ‘made from scratch’ it arrives on time and the service is friendly and accomodating. I also like Au Bon Pan’s pancakes and waffles.

  14. Ansam…what I see is a very constructive criticism…
    The Top 5 Breakfast places for Fahad and I are…. Early Bird (remember the time ;p) – Za3tar w Zait – Prime & Toast – Paul – D&D.

  15. Ghayart rayee , I want to go to prime and toast

  16. i have been wanting to go their from soooo long.. but neither B or my Friends are free..we hav been so busy lately!! argghh!! that’s it next time i’ll end up going alone !! i want to give them a try!! 🙂

  17. why would hash browns- eggs- and pancakes take forever? even if they were made out of scratch?.. do they wait for the chicken to hatch an egg?

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