Ad – Junk Vs. Healthy

Whadya think of this ad?

Even better? What do you think of cute little Jadi!? Isnt she so adorable, grocery shopping for healthy food 😉

Thank you Jumana for the picture 😉

For more on  Jumana; check out her blog (link) and/or follow her on twitter (link)

9 responses to “Ad – Junk Vs. Healthy

  1. Looool!! I loved the ad!
    is jadi her real name? cause its so nice!

  2. At first I thought you were talking about me and I thought when did I have a kid LOL!

  3. LOOOL ansam thats so sweeet we love u so much xoxox

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  5. Yay That’s my friend’s baby 😀
    I love that picture 😛

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