52 Degrees – Taw Ellayl

52 Degrees sent me the YouTube links to their Taw Ellayl on AlWatan TV Interview, which covered their Madrid Fashion Week trip I posted about earlier this week (link)




For more, check out 52 Degrees Blog (link)

7 responses to “52 Degrees – Taw Ellayl

  1. This is excellent, so good to see local talent and passions reaching worldwide and important events, best of luck to the four designers in their future careers and endeavors and well done 52 Degrees!

  2. elmothe3 ylawe3 elchabd. 7asbala he’s cool. Bad choice for alwatan tv. Worst choice.

  3. way bel3ax a7la mafy el watan hal mothee3. Hes very talented. wela chan ma khalaw someone that young replace al mansour. He worked his way up!

  4. 123@hotmail.com you are probably just him or a friend of his lol hal ebdwi waina o wain el mansour.

  5. 7abebti dana ay bdiwi ? He’s called abdulwahab al3eesa 🙂 ou jnaa3i shyaaba 7ag ilbadu 🙂 !

    Anyways i respect your opinion bs i find him cute ou ywanis 😉

  6. Laish ya3ni ebdowi o ma3raf aish! Laish laish! Lets not go there, mala da3i el 3onsoriya wel name calling! Lets look at the bigger picture… look at the efforts of 52 Degrees! Thats an accomplishment and lets wish them the best 😉

  7. Wee3 Ilmothi3 bay5 o ilmethagba hailegya o tgool ameera loooool 5l tshoof shklha bas

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