Nuwany Goodies ;-)

I have previously posted about a very interesting shopping websites called Nuwany. About a month ago, I got a bag full of Nuwany’s goodies… and tried them out (well most of the items anyways) and wanted to share my experience with you 😉

Many of the products were from 100% Pure, a brand I came to know about from Nuwany itself… so what do I have in my bag for you to share (virtually that is :-P)

Butter Soaps!

Huge soap that I recommend you cut in half 😉 Very moisturizing and smells fresh *not to strong = something I like*

Price tag? KD2

Now this is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, out of my goodies’ bag 😉 The Organic Pomegranate body scrub!

Why do I love it? It is very nourishing! It has some sort of oil substance in it, which leaves your skin tender even though it is called scrub! The smell is great! This one is a BIG hit 😉

Price tag? KD7

Moving on… facial lotions, anti aging, and cleansing foam

All of which were so light on the skin to use and with very light pleasant smell 😉 I really do appreciate good products that come in this way! Something I would use over and over! So worth every KD in’em!

And here is an organic soap (that I havent used yet) and almond with honey lotion which I love and I could not stop talking about for days!

I love it so much – almond is so yummy when it comes to eating it, benefiting from it, using it in products, and more LOL

Facial soap and Apple Foaming Shower Gel (both are GREAT!) The apple shower gel contains oil or something that leaves your skin moist!

And a couple of fun items too… “That’s Mine” Mighty Tags, a super eco friendly suitcases’ tags to use when traveling! I loved’em!

Price tag? KD3.210

and lastly, Mantegna Mighty Wallet

Price tag? KD5

3 responses to “Nuwany Goodies ;-)

  1. yeah my dad will like this

  2. Are costmetics the way foward?

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