Deer & Dear

During the last week of Ramadan, I was at The Avenues with my friend Luluscious. We passed by Deer & Dear booth on the ground level… we heard about the brand, but did not really know it was already opened, so they directed us to the store… Luluscious got a couple of things. I was happy! The store was full which translate success (all the best to you guys) – the Ts and clothes on display, although very similar to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and Polo, were creative in their own ways… You read Um Almaradim, Failicha, Boubyan…etc on them! I also liked the KUWAIT T-Shirt!

Well… nothing is perfect! The staff were very busy to attend to all customers, some people waited too long to get simple questions answered, others left the store because they were tired of waiting.. some of the staff were not even friendly! Actually there weren’t a lot of them… also the clothes on display were not in the best shape!! 😦

Steam machine anyone?? I mean maybe they opened in a hurry? But that does not justify it at all… and why not have the Kuwaiti flag on the Ts and dresses!! Why the British flag?!!

Oh and the guys at the booth said you can order online but delivery is only to countries outside Kuwait – so no delivery in Kuwait???? :-/

All in all, I am so proud of the team behind Deer & Dear… and if they get the chance to read this post, I hope they read it with an open mind for that I mean well – promise!

Other than that… I wish them all the best in Kuwait and globally 😉

17 responses to “Deer & Dear

  1. mara re7tlehom el-bet gabel ma yb6lon el-ma7al kan wayed mrtab el-mokan o 7ilo o 7ta el-mlabes mrtbaa!
    lima re7t el-avenu in9damt el-mlabes m3fsa o 5yo6 metnasla wel 5ama wayed 9ayra cheap quality hatha ‘3er ina el-mokan 9’3eeeeeer o za7ma !! anyway gd luck for them o mako shy kamel o tawhom step by step o inshallla jawdat el-mlabes wel 5edma tred nafs awal !

  2. they’re such a nice brand! bas their idea is not original. Polo shirts are a habba! and whats with no shipping to Kuwait?? isn’t it a Kuwaiti brand? shouldn’t Kuwait have the priority? and you’re right why do they have England’s flag? the Kuwaiti one isn’t good enough for them?

  3. No offence but that is not the English flag. That is the British flag. The english flag is just a red cross.

  4. sooo not creative … cheap .. taqleed…. some designs are hailgeyaa…

  5. ummm ,is the a ruffled t-shirt? :s

  6. i don’t like their designs ya3ni mateswa msaween likum brand o ma7al o stylkum taqleed polo o hacket o ‘3era,, lesh matsawoon shay yedeed or becoz these are the only designs and materials u can afford ?
    ladies clothing’s are terrible!
    i’m sorry dear& deer i’m proud of u bs 5laaaa9 u have to develop ur selves

  7. Is it funny to have a brand with a so stolen logo!
    check this link

    The funny part is their clam of registering it internationally! No offence for anyone but it sound like copy paste to me!

  8. Ansam : the test to see how succesful the brand is to see people wearing their brand in the malls or to school / college here in kuwait . have you seen any ???

  9. Ana re7tlhom ayam il bait bil ro’9a I think gabl 3 years bil asas kanow ysawon ta8leed a&f w RL w ygolon ina a9ly il7een 9art “deer & deer” w nafs il 5amat..!!? Bs Kent bagol tra il salfa mafeha e5tra3..

  10. daggero: the only person I’ve seen that has worn their products is shoojy in zwarat 5amees.. :/

  11. taqleeed ! and not original a disgrace to kuwaits small businesses

  12. Souq alm7amed a7la !

  13. Even though polo shirts are not really my style, I still think this brand lacks creativity. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people choose the easy route, especially in a society that pretty much can afford the real brands, why make something so similar? If you can’t add anything to the fashion industry, I’m sorry just don’t bother :/ (but thats just my humble opinion :P)

  14. let me enlighten u ansam , u know the electronic brand BEC, it stands for albabtain electric company, well basically if they order kamiya mo3ayana from a product they can rebrand it, same as electrozan’s changchong. well the story with deer and deer is they used 2 sell replicas of abercombie in their home in rawda, escalated to the brand deer and deer. clothes come from turkey, same plant that make thousands of replicas flooding the market. in my PERSONAL opinion there is nothing kuwaiti about the brand. i have nothing against the owners or the brand, i just hate the way people cheat.

  15. This “brand” is simply a copy of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand (the deer logo and the “&” symbol between the two names). So obvious. The name itself sounds ridiculous to the English speaker’s ear – Deer and Dear (غزال و عزيز) Pretty stupid sounding actually! They would be sued if they were anywhere but the Middle East.

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