52 Degrees – Madrid Fashion Trip

52 Degrees’ Public Relations and Marketing Department arranged for their fashion designers Amna Muqaddam, Dina Al-Rujaib, Nora Al-Hathran, and Reham Al-Bloushito be guests at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2010.

The Fashion event lasted 3 days in which the fashion designers familiarized themselves with high-end Spanish designers such as Ion Fiz, Diana Dorado, Maya Hansen, Cruz Castillo, and Maria KE Fisherman and more.

In collaboration with My Barcode the fashion designers got a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes in terms of the preparation of models before each show.  The Spanish and International press and media were impressed by the appearance of the Kuwaiti fashion designers and their extravagant sense of style.

To learn more about 52 Degrees’ exclusive fashion trip, tune in to Taw Al Lail this Monday at 10:00PM.

For more, follow 52 Degrees on Twitter (link) and join their Facebook Group (link)

6 responses to “52 Degrees – Madrid Fashion Trip

  1. what a great trip! mashala all the best for this huge project!
    when is the opening? :)))))))

  2. Correction – Al-Bloushi*.

  3. Great job girls!

  4. well done .. Wish I was there with you all 😉

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