Waffles Day!

I woke up last week thinking WAFFLES! All I could think of was waffles waffles waffles! So I headed to Early Bird in Fahaheel and had my share 😉

Apparently it wasnt enough for me 😛 I was at Shamiya Coop that same day and I got some more from VitaGaufre for dinner 😛

Their waffles are bigger in size than Maison de la Gaufre!

I had mine with Maple Syrup! Its how I like my Waffles 😉 Topped with strawberries to be exact (and when available) 😉

Do you like waffles? Which ones are your favorite?

Mine… well, I love Early Bird’s and I love to indulge in Dean & Deluca’s waffles every now and then… Casper & Gambini’s are great too…

Which waffles do you prefer? And in Kuwait please 😛

13 responses to “Waffles Day!

  1. جربتهم من كم شهر
    عجيبين والله


    إي يبا ناس وناس

  2. i went to dean and deluca to get my hands and mouth in those yummy waffles but it was such a long line 😦

  3. Hagen Daz

  4. PQ…. amazing amazing amazing waffles best ive had in kuwait….

  5. Bel3afya… But seriously ansam how dont you gain aloooooot of weight by eating all this food? Cmon tell me pleeese:D becuz i gain weight just by reading your posts!
    Masha alla

  6. home made with wholewheat and buttermilk topped with berries and dulce de leche

  7. We agree!!! VitaGaufre has the bestttt– and with maple syrup= yummm! (without strawberries though) 😛

  8. prime & toast waffles, extra crispy!
    or aunt jemima’s frozen waffles from sultan center, yumm!

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