And The Answer Is…. Chili’s

I went to Chili’s a while back with my sister. To me its the best restaurant from its class (compared to Apple Bee’s, Ruby Tuesday, Fridays…etc)

I dont go there a lot, but I do crave it from time to time… I go there mostly with my friend Shayma… but this time it was with my sister 😉

Texas Fries – with extra cheese in the middle –

Chicken Wings

The new “Loaded” Mashed Potatoes

Chicken Quesadilla – with a side of Corn on the cob! (I know it usually comes with rice and black beans, but I dont like’em so I had corn instead :-P)

Not to brag or anything, but my Chicken Quesadilla taste better 😛 Besides, their version contained lots of onions – LOTS!

Beef Fajita – no onions and no bell peppers 😛 Cooked medium-well

Sides – sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and cheese

And the Molten Cake (I like their Paradise Pie more)

The food was so rich that this meal was the only meal we had that day! I could not have anything else afterwards!

Now I know you will go all on and about how unhealthy this is and how the food is fattening…  I know it is 😛 As I said, I crave it every now and then… this is NOT my daily style hehehe PLUS we did not eat all of it 😉 So yeah… dont punish me 😛 Chili’s is one of the “cheat meals” restaurants to me 😉

I usually eat light (cereals, deli sandwiches, grills, salads, fruit….etc) all week and break out one day or two for a change, and I am allowed to do that 😉 hehehe

22 responses to “And The Answer Is…. Chili’s

  1. الصور عذاب

    بس أشوه توني متريق من جوني والاكل أحلى

  2. Ansaaaam dont make me ruin my diet 😛

  3. I love Choli’s too but I like Fridays o Applebee’s more ;p

  4. I stopped going to Chilies:
    1- the food is great but the dish is so large that 3 can share.
    2- the prices are equal to Lenotre
    3- after eating, I need a fresh air tank so I can breath!

    • The portions are big I agree… I hardly finish it on my own specially when we order appetizers… Prices equal to Le Notre? Hmmm I dont agree… specially when thinking about the portions 😉

      But I do agree with #3 LOL

  5. @tyata looool
    I totally agree with number 3… You do need a fresh air tank when your done..

    chilis is just that place, memorieeeeees ;*

  6. Lol madry laish bs a7sich 5ayfa ina il nas tent8edich.. :p tra it’s ok il kil yro7la bain fatra w ftra.. 😉 bs akla WAYED thgeel.. Ya3ni il wa7d yro7 ‘3ada w 3asha marah wa7da.. 😉

    • e7saasik mo fi ma7allah!! O khayfa min shino bethab6! I said the truth, I like it better than its competitors in the market and I only go there from time to time because I prefer other places!!! I didnt really get your comment or what your trying to say!!!

  7. If they reduce the meal size, it will be perfect for me! but now, it feed 2 or 3 so I share and don’t take the risk!!
    “but not for the molten!”

  8. i would cheat at fresher places. peacock does the job fine.

  9. more reason not to view your blog during office hours ! endless salivating followed by hunger pangs!

  10. ohhhh nothing like the texas fries!!! yummyyyyyyy

  11. Khiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loooool

  12. LOL opppsssss *guilty*

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