Millionaire City is a game on facebook where you build your dream city and become millionaire… Anyways, there is a Sheikh in the game who is the richest of the rich and his name is…. “OilFinger”?? Seriously???? Couldnt come up with another name or what?!!!

*click to enlarge*

7 responses to “Seriously?

  1. “Oilfinger?” Really? sheesh

  2. Hahahahaha! oilfinger?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. aham shy elnasfa wel ray ban el-7amra heheheh

  4. LoooL … Oil finger 3ad! do they envy us or what?

  5. lezoman nballe’3 l shai5 bel salfa;p
    wallah ohm lo sheno we9al mstawahm l technology bethloon stupid
    they are too lazy to google us or wiki us or something

  6. chill out its just a joke

  7. Loves fat cigars? lol why fat? 😛

    wht a silly game

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