Pizza Express – Breakfast

Whenever I have a morning flight, or dropping someone at the airport early in the morning, we go for Pizza Express breakfast!

The service there (and at all other Pizza Express branches) is always amazing! The food taste great too! They have a variety of breakfast items to choose from, like cheese pizza, zaatar pizza, eggs, and more!

Last time I was there, we ordered eggs and fresh orange juices. Mine was cheese and mushroom omlette

While my sister and her friend both ordered the Spanish Omlette

Here is my two fils 😛 We were in a hurry and wanted to have our food really fast. We asked them to do that, they did – with smiles too! The food taste was good as usual, and we had an overall great time 😉

Wonder if other Pizza Express branches in Kuwait serve breakfast? I hope not, its what makes the airport branch so special I guess!

10 responses to “Pizza Express – Breakfast

  1. wala marra jarrabt their B.F
    bs akeed bajarba damch md7teeh
    o 9ej pizza express eyannen

  2. I kinda hate going to that place except the airport branch! i think their food isnot that tasty and there are so many better restaurants, so its definitely not in the top 10 on my list.

  3. yummy

    it looks delicious

    bl-3afya 😉

  4. Us too! We always have early breakfast in Pizza Express before our morning flight. I love the za3tar pizza and their omelets. The side bread is yummy too.

    Shwagteeni 3al reyoug wil sifar 🙂

  5. I’m work their ( airport )
    Iwill do on morning shift 🙂

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