Recommended – Edo’s Mushroom in Lemon Butter Sauce

This is one of the dishes we have to order every time at Edo! I dont know if Mushroom in Lemon Butter Sauce is the correct name of this dish, but I always ask for it this way LOL!

11 responses to “Recommended – Edo’s Mushroom in Lemon Butter Sauce

  1. Once I ordered it while at Edo, so one of my friends wanted to give it a try. We asked “Ha what do you think?” she told us “tastes like fart”

    And thats when i stopped ordering it again.

    THE END.

  2. I ask for Mushroom in Foil and this is what they bring me.
    I love it.

  3. looks delicious.. im not a big mushroom fan but those look great. thanks for sharing!

  4. Where is this restaurant? Is it chinese?

  5. I Loooooooove mushroom !!! looks so yummmm

  6. I love it! I think the first time I tried it was with you ;p Its been a while I haven’t been to Edo…and I’m craving Japanese right now :p

  7. Ansam, ur posts about resturants r really great but I really suggest u do a checkup for ur cholesterol level due to the unhealthy meals (but delicious ) all the time. What do u think 😉

    • Mo hathy el moshkila! hehehe when you read my posts you think I am out and about everyday eating all this food on my own! Well you see, the mushroom pic above was shared between four persons 😉 and no worries… my cholesterol level is normal 😉

  8. Oh big fan of Edo and i tried this plate sooo gooood

  9. I LOVE THIS! i go to edo sometimes especially to have some 😀

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