Eid Lunch

Following our family tradition for years now, we went to Shahrayar Restaurant on the second day of Eid – Our Favorite Persian Restaurant in Kuwait

As usual, the place was full and with live music band playing classicals on oud! It was very family friendly… to the point where Essa, my nephew, was playing too comfortably on his iPod!

I cant tell you how much we feel at home and attached to this place… its a tradition we’ve been doing for as long as I remember, the management team knows as for that too! They asked the Chef to come to our table this year for that we’ve been loyal customers with them since forever – Chef Mohammed Sadek – who was generous enough to share some of his cooking recipes with us!

Sorry I was to hungry to snap pictures of our food! But maybe next Eid 😛

Anyways…. We hardly order dessert anymore there…. cuz they bring it on the tables with tea – an assortment of mini sweet delights and fruit platters!

See you next Eid Shahrayar 😉

Thank You Mr. Samih for everything 🙂

11 responses to “Eid Lunch

  1. مرحبا أنسام
    متابعة جيدة لمدونتج ويعجبني تنوعها على تخصصها بكل ما يختص الطعام
    أتمنى أن تخصصين تدوينات لوجبات الإفطار لأطفالنا قبل الذهاب للمدرسة
    خصوصا أني أم وأحرص على التنويع في هذه الوجبة بالذات لأهميتها لكن مرات أعاني من تكرار نفس مكونات الوجبة
    فإذا ممكن تفيدينا بهالأمر
    وأتمنى ما تهملين هالطلب

  2. Ansam….I’m hungry! and everything looks so good 🙂 bel3afai

  3. i love that place! all the sheraton restaurants are amazing!! good food, and place!!

  4. Going to shahrayar is a family tradition of my family too ! i was there today actually ! bel 3afia 😀

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