Bayan Dental – Back to School Offers

Amazing offers from Bayan Dental 😉

File + Consultation + X-Ray + Cleaning= KD40 and KD49 with Fluoride

Egaila Branch: File + Consultation + X-Ray + Cleaning + Fluoride = KD30

15% off Orthodontic treatments including invaslign

For more info call  23824000

8 responses to “Bayan Dental – Back to School Offers

  1. حرام العبو بحسبه البنت!!!
    حتى Ugly Betty احلى منها
    seems like good offer!!!

  2. wai3 el.d3aya kllsh azma ! this isnt even remotely encouraging to put braces on !

  3. It’s INVISALIGN, not INVASLIGN. How can they get that wrong?:S

    On the other hand, does this offer only apply to students?:)

  4. Why is cheaper is Eagila? Just for the distance?

  5. ansam: thanks for the post:)
    the back to school offer is available for kids only..however the orthodontic treatment discounts are for all ages;)

    nofers: its cheaper in Egaila because its a new branch:)
    noon: thankyou:D

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