label.m Products

I am so in love with label.m products! My current favorites are the Dry Shampoo, the Sea Salt Spray, and the Blow Out Spray

Price tag? Dry Shampoo is KD5.540, and Sea Salt Spray is KD7.710 (I dont know the blow out spray’s cost – sorry)


The Dry Shampoo is ADDICTIVE! Its light and last for longer time than the one I used to have before. Plus, the smell is nice too 😉

To me, label.m Dry Shampoo > Lee Stafford Oily Roots (I recommended it before)

Same goes for label.m Sea Salt > L’Oreal Beach Creme (which I also have recommended a while back)

All in all, I switch my previous recommendations to label.m products for that they are light and more natural looking. The leave no visible residue, and my hair smells great and feels light 😉

They are available at Toni & Guy 😉

10 responses to “label.m Products

  1. so this dry shampoo is better than the powder from the manhattan?
    can you please compare and review the two since you have used both?

    Thank you

  2. They’re not really light. They’re filled with nasty chemicals.

  3. lee stafford make great products..
    but i really dont recommend dry shampoo.. they leave residue and arent very effective in cleaning the hair.. youre better off washing your hair in the shower everyday with a regular shampoo..

    • I dont use it on a daily-basis, just on emergencies 😉 Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I only have time to shower but not wash my hair so there you go 😉

  4. What’s the best shampoo ALL natural for dry hair??
    Or not fully but help growth and grow hair

    I used to use Revivogen and it was great but it makes my hair more dryer
    So I’m looking for one now.
    Any ideas ??

    Btw I used to try also Vichy and Lyke

  5. Feras, there is no such thing as ALL natural shampoo. Every shampoo on the market no matter how “natural” it’s branded contain some chemical in one form or the other – if it’s not a high dosage of harmful abrasives then it’s limonene; if it’s not limonene then it’s linalool if it’s not linalool then it’s all the nasty parabens. That being said, some are less horrible than others of course.

    As for the Revivogen; make sure it doesn’t contain any chemical like “regain”. Those might give you positive results but once you stop using them they will most definitely lead to your hair falling out again (probably all the hair you had sprouted during their use).

    I personally suggest you buy your shampoos from the pharmacy and with the consultation of a specialist or a doctor.

    Tricomin is a good shampoo brand that is high in minerals. The nasties in it are not as bad as the other shampoos either.

    Ask your doctor and check it out.

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