Where is Raja Mohammed Now?

God! She is so angelic! A fabulous talent… where did she disappear to?



18 responses to “Where is Raja Mohammed Now?

  1. she is of syrian roots and she got married to a kuwaiti citizen and decided to call acting off after wearing the veil —

  2. There was an interview with her a few years ago, I am not sure which show but she was passing by and they stopped her for a short interview, but yea she quit after getting married.

  3. The gorgeous and talented Rajaa had left the industry and the entertainment business as soon as she get married to a local Kuwaiti man. She had worn the head scarf and last I heard she is joined the [Al- Manazel ] Programme run by the Ministry of Educations as she didn’t graduate from a high school.

  4. i love her voice !!!!!

  5. thank you so soo soooo much… this post is sooo beautiful

  6. they had an interview with her lately I think … kanat met7ajba

  7. I like the attitude. when he asked her to sing something she replies with NO

  8. I ask myself that question everyday ..LOL

  9. She’s so adorable! I miss those good ol’ days! 😦
    Oh and I loooooove her pants at 9:09 (^.^)

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