Purelogicol Price!

OK so after almost one month of using Purelogicol I am very pleased with it that I wanted to get more (check my previous post here). And like I mentioned before, the price of the product varies depending on the pharmacy you get it from. Boots sells it for KD22 and Shamiya Coop Pharmacy sells it for KD18.690! I sent the driver to AlQadsiya pharmacy to get it for me, and I gave him KD20… guess what? Its selling there for KD22

The driver called me from the pharmacy and said it was KD22.. I talked to the pharmacist and told her it is selling for KD18.690 in AlShamiya. So at the end, she agreed to sell it for KD18.750!

Whats your take on that???

12 responses to “Purelogicol Price!

  1. Aham shy enha rthat tnazzl bl s3r
    m3nata as3arhm mo thabta!
    Mo l mfroth tkon l as3ar mwa7ada mn wzarat l 97a!

  2. there is no MRP(maximum retail price) in Kuwait, so all shops are pricing the products according to their whims and fancies…It’s not the case with this product alone, there is no standard pricing.

  3. waai3! ay shay! ma 7ib lay 9aar chithy!!


  4. We are getting robbed in daylight that’s whats happening , Look at European products be it medicine or beauty stuff ,the Kuwaiti merchants here just change the price from Euro to KD with 300% mark up with complete impunity .The Profit margin is even greater than that for American products because their price starts cheaper ,their currency is cheaper and other marketing practices like buy one get one free .

    Ansam it is time to get out of the cooking business and into Pharmaceutical and beauty industry quickly

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  6. Earlier in the post you say its selling for KD 18.690 but at the end of the post you say it was selling at Al Shamiya for KD 19.690.

    Either way your post sheds light on the fact that there are deals out there to be had if one feels like comparison shopping.

  7. There is a price cap imposed by MOH in Kuwait but the problem is that MOH inspectors are sleeping or purposely allowing this … you can find the prices of the health products in Kuwait Today publication … on the other hand many importers submits fake invoices to MOH in order to get high selling price … for example there is a fish oil product which you can find in Boots and other pharmacies selling for 9 KD … but if you go to the manufacturers website it is selling for 2.5 Pounds which is at the most 1.5KD !!

  8. I just emailed elshaya regarding this matter we used to buy this hair tonic for 9 kd’s mara wa7da sar se3ra 10.750
    Two weeks ago I got it for 9 kd from boots, today my mom went to buy it and it’s for 10,750 again :/

  9. Ghassan you mean even boots got on the act as well !!!!
    We were hoping a big drug store chain like boots can revolutionize the market here but i guess they joined the club . what a shame .
    The only hope left now maybe we get some big American pharmaceutical company to kick some sense into the market .
    People drive to Khafji in Saudi Arabia to buy their medicines there and save money .

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