When Roses Meet Chocolates!

I passed by au nom de la rose a couple of days ago

I wanted to get some rose jam and check out their new bouquets… They were out of the rose jam, but the manager, Liza, was there and I asked her if it was okay to snap some pictures… she accepted 😉 As usual… the bouquets, presentations, and colors are breath-taking!

Simple, elegant, and tres chic! I even like it more than the store I visited in Paris for some reason!!

Beautiful colorful roses

The store interiors gives you a very French-esque feel! I love it

And then I spotted some chocolate in their flower basket/arrangements…

A very yummy/elegant collaboration with Chocolate Bar 😉

They come in different styles/arrangements/colors/sizes….

Starting price is around KD40 for smaller baskets (not shown) and price goes up depending on the arrangement itself!

Anyways, you can call them up to inquire more about it 😉

AlBeda Tel: 2225-3157

AlTilal Tel: 2225-5998

The Avenues Tel: 9444-8189

11 responses to “When Roses Meet Chocolates!

  1. Mashalla
    wayid yazli sheghelhum 🙂

  2. I always deal with them for any occasion. Beautiful flowers o thoqhom 7ilo. I once sent flowers basket with chocolate in the center to a birthday occasion, they loved it.

  3. Best flower shop in Kuwait .. hands down.

  4. mashallah very elegant

  5. i love this place…soo pretty

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