A Sign on 2nd Ring Road

Spotted this on 2nd Ring Rd

Wonder how they managed to write it up there

It reads: “Amana Et’a ‘9ag 9adrj 5thy galbi Oo Tslee Feeh – 3ashg ArnOoba 3 – 19”

18 responses to “A Sign on 2nd Ring Road

  1. loooooooool only in Q8

  2. Looooooool!! I hate it when they do that!!


  3. what does that means ..???
    can u tell us in english..?? plzz

  4. lol how sweet…and healegy :p

  5. sweet, but a bit stupid, but sweeeet 😀

  6. looooooooooooool gabel kila yktbon bel 3rbi wel 5a6 kofiii al-7en te6wraw gamaw yktbon mo3rab ! :p
    ps: eshlooooooooooooon 9e3ad kitbaa !! 3lag nafsa up side down maybe??@@

  7. LOL! And the handwriting is neat!!!

  8. mbayen ena its computer typing (Comic sans font)!

  9. Saw this at least 2 months ago and slowed down to read what it said…needless to say hilarity ensued 🙂

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