Eid To-Do List

Its either I am pretty preoccupied with things that I have to go over my To-Do list again and again or I am getting old and forgetting things 😛 I would go with pretty preoccupied 😛

The things is I created this list to keep up with the things I have to do, errands I have to run, and appointments – all before Eid! I keep going back to it, deleting and adding stuff from it! God help me.. I feel I am still missing out on something :-S

I need relax time… I really do! When is my next vacation!! :’-( Maybe I should book a spa massage for Thursday.. No?

Do you have your own To-Do list before upcoming events or so?

20 responses to “Eid To-Do List

  1. LOl!!! Welcome to the “To Do List” World!!! ;p
    God the lists I’ve got for Eid…for after Eid…school… work… when I’m sitting in the evening I’m always jotting down in my note book things I need to remember to do for the day or week 😉 For me lists keeps me focused and not sidetrack from my daily chores ;p

    • Laish welcome 3ad hehehe its not my first (nor last) to do list. I usually do them when I have many things to do that I dont want to forget anything or anyone for that matter LOL 😉

  2. now people can easily stalk you ;p

    • LOL I am done with most of it now… the remaining two are ladies salon and ladies nail bar and in open crowded areas! So yeah 3adi 😛 hehehe

  3. I always had a to do list before but it seems that I keep moving the list to the next day .. i am a bad planner (very ironic since thats my field of study :))

  4. ive been using notes as well, i tried both “awesome notes” and “to do” on iphone but for some reason i didnt like those two

    both my boss and my uncle are using a slightly expensive app called omnifocus im thinking of getting it … though im still looking at other to-do apps

  5. i love to do lists!
    keeps me organized:D
    when i don’t have a to do list, I’d be all over the place not knowing where to start o end up doing a few of the things i had in mind ;p

  6. Ooh Im in Love with to do list !!

    Btw u can download a special appt for to do list ! w its really good

    I always use it for examz w appts a kil shy ! 3shan mansa ;p i have early Alzheimer ;p

  7. Allah y3enk kelna chthi 7ostna 7osa before 3id. Kel 3am wo enty b5eer tagabal allah 6a3tek

  8. my to-do lists are all over the place, on the phone, on sticky notes somewhere in my desk or bag or somewhere in the house and i sometimes end up not doing the things i plan on doing because i always forget where i put my lists :p

  9. I am a good planner and bad in doin things ;p
    I don’t do most of my To Do lists lol

  10. hope you enjoyed fivesenses 😉

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