Funny Sign – Not So Funny :-P

I spotted this sign at GIC – Very elegant when compared to the funny ones I (and others) spotted elsewhere (here, here, here, and here)

Whadya think?

13 responses to “Funny Sign – Not So Funny :-P

  1. Nothing wrong with it. GIC is one of the best organized buildings in Kuwait. I don’t think they missed out on this.

    • Now where did I say there was ANYTHING wrong with it… reread my post please, I said it was elegant unlike the other ones (that I gave links to)!!! Killa tefhimoon ghalaaa6!!!!!

  2. the funny sign was meant to get the msg to you without reading … its an international sign

  3. 3azeezi realist…plz highlight the part where ansam said there was something wrong

  4. I still dont get the joke ? :s

    • There is no joke… I know its a sign to have in case of emergency but I find the people in it as if they were gathering (chinna mokan wagfeen bete6amishoon) 😛

  5. haya bina ila noq6a6 al tajamo3

  6. Hi Ansam,
    Long time no see, next time when you pass next to GIC drop us a visit! If I’m not mistaken we have the ugly signs in parking lot, similar to the ones you posted about.. 🙂

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