Classical Cars!

This car used to be parked next to a school in one of the local areas in Kuwait. I always pass by it and the first thing that comes into mind is “Saher Ellayl” series LOL! Anyways… I decided to snap a picture of it… just because!!! And just a day before it was towed away!!

I love classical cars and would love to have one of my own to be quite honest!

9 responses to “Classical Cars!

  1. Absolutely cool!Love the colour.

    • You were the first person that popped in mind when I posted it… hehehe I remembered how you liked seeing all the classical cars while you were in Kuwait!

  2. So weird cause I saw a classic car that is similar to this one in my area, but it was super clean and shiny red had flames on the sides and around here u would notice when a nice car passes by cause they are very few of them lol
    My dad loves classic cars so was going to take a picture of it while driving 😛

  3. You should pass by the classic cars museum owned by our Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser. He has the largest (and most) beautiful vintage car collection in the world. Mashallah.

  4. its a beautyyyy…:)
    n yea….dis car is still der……n its cleaned now….
    u ll find many classic and old muscle cars in dat area..:)

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