NBK – Eid Ad

I saw this ad earlier on Frankom‘s and wanted to share it with you all. I must say that this ad is way better than their Ramadan campaign ads 😉 Its cute!


19 responses to “NBK – Eid Ad

  1. sooooooooo cute !!
    el chubby boy in the bak is adorable = )
    3a6ona 3eedeya = P

  2. wow!! that looks so cool!

  3. The boy is so cute
    khoff 6eena ismilla 3alaih 🙂

  4. haha

    i think its soo cute !

  5. Madri 7sait chnhum y6ron 3ayady :\ elli ybi ywazi3 3ayady mn 6eeba w kaifa.. mo eyon chethy bhabal w hai9a y6lbon 3ayady it’s not cute or polite. Sorry but I think it’s lame! 🙂
    But I agree, it’s much better than their Ramadhan’s AD.
    wain da3ayat-hum el.qadema such as “Yabeela”.. kanaw wayid aqwa!

  6. looooool hahaha nice one! Well done NBK!

  7. its amazing
    allah ye3eenna 3ala elyahal youm el3eed ra7 yeqaldonhom
    welcome back NBK

  8. Madry I didn’t like it kilish :s

  9. Seema totally agree with u.. awful!
    Excellent.. they’re now also teaching kids at such a young age the Eid = money instead of family & giving and just random acts of kindness plus its ok to flat out beg for money instead of earning it.. i dont know i dont usually feel so strongly about ads but this one just bugged me.. i dont think they’ve got their heads or heart in the right place laa bil ramathan ad wala hathi..

  10. ana mastal6aft’hom kilish … but to be positive am glad that people are enjoying it 🙂

  11. this ad serves the purpose of the materialistic society.. walla farg 3an the values of their old tv ad for pushing people to save their money.. now they are pushing kids to BEG for money.. really bad one from NBK!

  12. I think it’s really cuteeeee 🙂

  13. shfeekum so serious it’s an add!! suppose to be fun, doesn’t mean that kids are or should beg for money but be real all kids like 3eed coz they like 3edeya!! i don’t mind my son watching this add coz at the end he’s taught his discipline and values from home not a 30 seconds tv add so don’t blame the media guys! plus if i see the children bilzwara dance this way wooow mashallah it will be so cute and every one will laugh about it.. kids are kids so be simple!
    BTW the kids in the add are beautiful and cute mashllah allah ya7feth-hum o y5alehum lahalhum

  14. looooool the cute chubby kid looks like the chubby kid from the movie up 😛

  15. I totally agree with Toasta 😉

  16. Nbk really ruined it this year.. Their ads are getting worse !

    I don’t Like the ad it’s more of “it’s ok but u can do better”

    I’m glad some ppl r liking it though =)

  17. Wallah el q8yeen lazem yetfalsefoon 3ala a9qar el omoor!! t7ooshhom 7echa!

    I really really enjoyed it .. All NBK’ ads this ramadan sucked unfortunately .. they were boring, unoriginal and the acting was awful .. with this ad, they redeemed themselves with a funny and enjoyable one to watch 🙂

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