Interesting Business Card!

OK this will be lost in translation but I will try my best… the lady, Om Adel, is offering her “match making” services giving out her personal mobile and pager numbers… and also mentioning that she was an editor in a local magazine in Kuwait! Now thats an interesting business card!

Thanks Aseel J. 😉

9 responses to “Interesting Business Card!

  1. I wonder with all the “kha6aba’s” lately … is this a business in demand?! coz I can’t imagine people getting married thru a catalogue !

  2. pager?! seriously! I thought they were a thing of the past!

  3. Pager !!!! very old bussines card

  4. I’ve seen this card everywhere! She seems popular.
    She only gives her card to men (whether they’re taken or single)

    And who the hell is still using a pager?!

  5. does anyone uses this pager anymore :/

  6. lol sheno 3ala8at el 9a7afa bel 5a6aba :p ?!

  7. Am I the only one that finds it funny – she refers to herself as ‘Om Adel’ on a business card?

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