Recommended – Purelogicol

As I mentioned before, I have a falling toe nail (due to a trauma) and its really affecting me negatively! I am hating the process but been incredibly patient given the fact that toe nails grow at much slower rate than nails… anyways, I came across a product/supplement called Purelogicol while shopping at Boots! The pharmacist swore by it… explaining that its not only good for nails, but also for hair, skin, and joints! Plus its pure collagen, and it reminded me of that episode on Oprah about how Japanese found the fountain of youth through collagen!

My take on the product?

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed stronger nails to be quite honest. I also have been told by a couple of friends that my hair looks better and healthier (it kinda grew faster too – or felt like it) Plus I use an amazing range of hair shampoos (yes, I alternate hair shampoos all the time). I am still waiting for my skin to be “flawless” hahaha! My skin feels more vital though πŸ˜‰

Lets not forget that “You are what you eat” and I have been trying to change my lifestyle too, drink loads of water, andΒ exerciseΒ between now and then (I have to do it regularly after Ramadan)… so all the above are factors in the changes I have been noticing πŸ˜‰

Price tag? Well I got mine for KD22 from Boots.

I later found out that it is sold for KD18.690 in Shuwaikh Coop Pharmacy….

Even better? Its is sold for GBP29.99 which is around KD13!!!!


Disclaimer: I recommend it because I like it πŸ˜‰ So far its been great using it for over a month now… though its better to consult your doctor for more details πŸ˜‰

16 responses to “Recommended – Purelogicol

  1. Est5dmt pantogar o fadnee
    bs hatha shakla a7sn bwaaayd
    bjrba en sha Allah

  2. 3sa mo thgeeel 3al me3da?

  3. any side effects ?? as you may consider them side effects .. gaining weight or so !

  4. habeen haba eb hal collagen.. my friends galoli 3n product ga3den eyebona banat mn bara isma ” meji amino collagen ” hatha their website

    a7ad sam3 feeh ??

  5. do you have any idea about the appropriate age to take these supplements?

  6. hi, ana sarle 1 week akhthaah bs khyfaa etha ffe side effect o lel7een masheft ay nateeja i’m 25 years old , meno jarbaah ? o akiid its safe ? ana laman shefta bil blog ehnii re7t 7ag doctor mohammed buhamra galli yes u can take it bs still madre lish khyfaa menah and abi a3arif meta ala7eth el nateega ana abi sha3ree ye6ool please replyy me

    • I like the fact that you went ahead and asked your doctor before trying it πŸ˜‰ I noticed it first with my nails, they got stronger, and then my hair felt healthier… skin is the last to be noticed… after a couple of weeks or so.

  7. ansam u r so sweet thanku , can i know how old r u ? tetwaga3ain lee meta lazm nakhethah khaf once we stop it yeroo7 maf3oolah so maybe lazm nestmer 3aleeh 3la 6ool

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  9. hey ansaam, adre its an old post bs atmana tegraina o ijawben so2ali, ana sharaita men boots elyom ow madre laish khayfa fa i googled it o 6ela3li ur post. Do u still take it? And if u are.. What the results? and is there side effects? + ildoctor gali a5tha wara el’3ada.. eshlon u’re taking it gabel elnom? ow ohwa bs 7agna? wela 3ady ryayel ya5thona? ow thank you πŸ™‚

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