Dolce Antico

Eid is around the corner, and everyone is going shopping crazy these days… for outfits, shoes, banks, and also coffee sweets… right? πŸ˜‰

I have been invited by Mr. Abdulaziz AlAnjeri to review Dolce Antico a while back and I gladly accepted. So I went there a couple of weeks back and tried to snap as many pictures as I could πŸ˜‰

Back when I worked in FIVE60, Mr. Abdulaziz gifted us a basket full of chocolate and it was imported from Italy and branded with FIVE6o logo on the wrap. Back then it was an Italian brand that he was in love with, in which he decided later to bring it to Kuwait (lucky us) with his partner Mr. Khaled AlKhaled. End result, they brought in six more Italian chocolate brands such as Caffarel, Tartuflanghe, and Rippa Spa.

Basically they cater to many tastes and for many occasions too… the below are few pictures for baby showers/receptions – some can be used for Gergaian too!

Very colorful collection I must say πŸ˜‰

According to your order, you can ask for Quran, lipstick holders, bag hangers, and more as reception favors!

In addition to favors, they have a variety of chocolates and flavored chocolate bars

Interesting flavors πŸ˜‰ No??

Different packaging styles to satisfy all tastes

Gotta love those mugs πŸ˜‰ Reminded me of Prime & Toast’s

In addition to chocolates, they have dried fruit too

And edible chocolate cups

Really there were too many options to choose from – many tastes – many styles – many ideas πŸ˜‰

Those are called “Baci de Dama”

Which translates to “Kiss of a Lady”

The sales guy and the sales lady were both very helpful… as I was trying to make up my mind, they gave me suggestions and also let me tried a few chocolates here and there with a cup of coffee too πŸ˜‰

The store is not to be missed…. I would highly recommend you drop by and check the store out

The store is located in Plaza Hawalli on Third Ring Rd.

And their Tel # is 22650828


18 responses to “Dolce Antico

  1. Waaaaay thakartnii!!! They have a chocolate i used to always buy from them its a truffle, kanat 3ajeeba !! bs min ziman mare7t maybe 2 yrs! 7elo 7ata lama et76ena bil estqbal or living room 3ala 6ool..i think it was dark chocolate ba3ad ;p

  2. we got a present from that shop… AMAZING! Love it!

  3. oooh love these crumpled cups! I was asking my mom if she knew where we can find them! lol have to go visit on day…and the chocolate looks so good…me soo hungry 😦

  4. WOW!! it looks amazing!! I’m so going to go there!!


  5. hawt hawt review πŸ˜‰

    I loOoOove DolceAntico
    They have 73% dark chocolate squares
    They are just amazing πŸ™‚

  6. wallah sh’3el 3adel
    yabeela njareb their chocolates 3la youm

  7. I love their chocolate… They sell this amazing chilli chocolate truffle. But every time I go there, they’re out of it :s

  8. I have these crumpled cups but in small coffe shots i got them from egypt and they have big range of colors big and small sizes with crumpled trays too, so cute,
    Elma7al yshaweg gotta check it out πŸ˜‰

  9. chocolate malhom latheeeth wayed a7ba

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