Cilantro Cafe – Now Open

My friend Sara A. sent me few pictures of the newly opened cafe in the Free Trade Zone called Cilantro Cafe

As explained on their Facebook group:

“Appetite for Life” which describes what Cilantro Cafe is all about. Experience the Italian espresso style cafe with the variety of gourmet coffee, beverages, bakeries, salads and deserts.

Feel the cozy atmosphere now in Free Zone Kuwait.

For more, call them on 24924991/24924992, or join their Facebook group (link)!

Thanks Sara A. 😉

9 responses to “Cilantro Cafe – Now Open

  1. allaaaaaaah this reminds me of Egypt, Alexandria to be precise 😀

  2. I tried it and its good, would be nice if they made hot meals like Casper and if they made their cake slices smaller, I do not get why most have their cake cut in HUGE slices.

  3. I believe this is a franchise of the Egyptian-owned Cilantro cafe (incl. same logo “Appetite for Life” and same decorations/colors etc)

    it’s the biggest Egyptian cafe chain and it’s good.

  4. Thats true..Cilantro is egyptian owned, extremely popular in all parts of egypt. The cafe decor is the same in all the branches..even the tables and chairs

  5. coffee looks good !!!
    yabela ro7a morning 😀

  6. Btw you spelled appetite wrong in the quoted part 🙂

  7. Ooooooh!!! Tried it in Cairo and LOVED it!
    Thanks for sharing dear 🙂

  8. Looks YUMMY! I like the name of the place.

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