Mexican Ghabga

My very kind friends Rakan & Mai invited me, along with few more friends, for a Ghabga at their house last weekend 😉 We were told that the theme for the night was Mexican – So yeah… I accepted with a BIG smile on my face…. ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!

To begin with we munched on nachos with four different dipping sauces… guacamole, sour cream, spicy salsa, and mild salsa… sadly I have no pictures of that :-S But I have few pictures to share of the real food 😉 -Purg will be happy-

Rakan & Mai ordered from Sahuaro, a Mexican Cuisine catering service in Kuwait – I must say it must be the “healthiest” Mexican food I have ever tried! -Fahad K will be happy –

Anyways… here are the tacos (meat, chicken, and vegetarian)

And burritos with a side of guacamole

Chimichangas and Flautas

In addition to a Mexican salad made by  Toomzie 😉

And Quesadillas made by truly yours 😉 (recipe) with my very own guacamole and salsa too 😉

Now the food… It was light as feather! I LOVED their sour cream! It was the best I have tried in town. Their Chimichangas were so good and light, I had two 😛

I did not feel stuffed and heavy after I ate, which isnt usual after having a Mexican feast…. and for that I had extra empty space for desserts!!!

So lets see.. the desserts were from all over! To begin with, the chips-like ones were from Sahuaro and they’re called Bunuelos! They are actually cinnamon & sugar coated flakes – I loved’em! But what I loved even more (more more) was the Alaska Cake from AlAalamiya! Rakan!!! You brought back many childhood memories!!! I just ordered one for tonight while preparing this post!! LOL

The rest of the desserts were brought in from different places – I couldnt keep track – sowwy – 😛

25 responses to “Mexican Ghabga

  1. yum! looks really good

  2. GOOD FOOD! Lovely Post!! ;*

    3ad ams I was telling my Family about this lady who makes mexican food and how great the food was 😀

    P.S. your Quesadillas were a success 😉

  3. الاكل بشكل عام حلو برمضان

  4. wow!! looks so good! and thats a nice idea 😀


  5. yummyyyy!!
    its such a nice idea 😀
    hope u had ur sombrero on ;p

  6. i’ve never had a taco… weird right? anyway, I love the theme!

  7. looks yumiiii !! bel 3afya 😀

  8. Estabraq AL Faras

    to be honest with u darling i hate maxican food

  9. Yummy I luv Mexican food 😀

  10. Toomzie’s salad n ur Quesadillas look more appealing than the catering…but i’m sure it was all good…bl 3afya 🙂

  11. Mashallah
    that looks great!
    3alekom bil.3afya :”)

  12. 3laikom bil 3afya .. i really loved this post .. the idea about having mexican ‘3abga and still feels light was really awesome !

  13. No refried beans?

  14. the guac with the quesadillas looks like a real version. the guac with the burritos looks like a sissy version of the mexican classic. dunno but seems it might be mixed with some sour cream or yogurt!! what a travesty if so.

  15. Ansam, your quesadillas look awesome. (Quesadillas are one of my favorites!) When you say Alaska cake, what is that? Is it Baked Alaska, a meringue cake?

    Is Purg still blogging?

    • Thanks 😀
      Its an ice cream cake covered with marshmallow-y kinda frosting (maybe meringue)

      I dont know if he still is to be honest, but he drops by every now and then

  16. Send me an email Intlxpatr if you like can add you on FB, and no I stopped blogging, I just comment.

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