Ramadan 2010 TV Series

So I have boycotted Kuwaiti (and GCC) TV Series for years… why? They dont make sense… and to me are a total waste of time! Acting is not sincere (specially with actresses waking up with tons of makeup on – Kandee Johnson! Where are you when we need you!!), not to mention scripts/story-lines and all!!

However, I wanted to watch AlHaddama last year… but I didnt get the chance to. But this year I waited five days before giving any show a try and the two most talked about shows -specially on twitter- were Zwarat Khamees & Saher Ellayl!

I gave both shows a go and could not digest Zwarat Khamees! It was TOO MUCH for my taste!


The story talks about one BIG family (extended) living in a huge house… I am talking from grandparents to grand children, which brings me to the question… Zwarat Khamees (which translates to Thursday Family Get-together)???? I mean if they are all living in the same house why have a weekly get together when they are having their meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) all week… and they all go to chalet on weekends. They are SO RICH that they give away a Cartier Love Bracelet as a gift with treats thrown on everyone… and when a brother in law gives a way a luxury car to his sister in law just because she was down… it was just too much for me… plus, sometimes with the story line they go and talk about general problems in Kuwait as if they are listing problems within… not so natural if you know what I mean :-S

As for Saher Ellayl…. I LOVED IT! The story isnt THAT big but the acting is fabulous! The cast fit into their characters really well (Haya AbdulSalam is AWESOME “Facebook Page“).

The story is about Kuwait in the late 1960s – early 1970s… during the time of innocence and were life was way simpler! I love it


I miss on “Awzah Atgawiz” and “Zuhra wa Azwag-ha Alkhamsa” but saw few episodes here and there, I just dont have time for all those shows but will definitely try and watch’em after Ramadan!

Whats your input on Ramadan 2010 Series?

21 responses to “Ramadan 2010 TV Series

  1. definitely saher ellail 🙂

  2. Saher al lail… 3awza Atgawiz… Bab Al7ara… these are the three I follow…
    As you said and I had the same thought…how is it Zwarat Khamees when everyone is living together in the same house…and that over the top kind of spending and we are so rich attitude is just unrealistic!
    And God only knows what kind of message they are sending to other countries… it is quiet that pathetic and shallow show Bou Qutada and Bou Nabeel is causing a stir and plenty of enemies to us 😦

  3. saher al lail hands down! it gives me hope and makes me happy to see Kuwait as it was ayam awal

  4. 3awza atgawiz + thakerat el.jasad is also nice.. sahil el.lail wayid yemde7ona though I have only seen few episods but it’s wonderful.

  5. I agree with u about the quality of the khaleeji mosalsalaat …

  6. I recommend شيخ العرب هـمام

  7. Saher il lail!! By far the best local TV series this year. I even loved the song:p

  8. Aljama3a is the best, I also boycotted all Khaligy episodes.

  9. Zwarat Khames, Lailat 3eed, Omaima fe Dar El Aytam = all give me a heart attack but I watch because I want to laugh at their maskhara

    Saher El Lail = THE BEST SERIES EVERRRR! I hope that next year they do a series in the 80s and the year after in the 90s giving us glimpses of the past I am boycotting Heba Hamadah and her Fajer Al Saeed like stories and will be following the innocent lovely ones. I think that Saher El Lail gave us most of the problems in our society but in a classy innocent way not a single actor over-acted his part and you just feel that it flows naturally. Everyone everyone wanted to go back to college in the 70s after watching this hell I sit and watch it with my uncles because it reminds them of their childhood hehe 🙂 Awesome show o ya36eeeh el 3afya Fahad El 3elaiwa and Mohammad Daham Al Shemmeri for this and of course not to mention the bunch of actors involved in it.

    A big shoutout goes to Abdullah Al Terkmani because if we had Emmys/Oscars/Awards here in Kuwait he should get the mother of all awards for the role he is playing it is beyond awesome and I for one believed him 100%!

  10. sahir eleel ❤
    as for zwarat 5amees, eqolich il family get togather every FRIDAY to have lunch!! LOL

  11. Saher el lail is pretty good, I agree, the acting is done fairly well. Now for zwarat 5amees, I love the action in it.

  12. i have regreted not watching this show instead of zwarat 5amees :/ 5arabeee6hom wayed

    and mashalaah i love the picture o ihya t9la7 for modeling 😀

  13. I totally agree. I haven’t watched any Ramadan arabic TV show in the past couple of years. I usually stock up on American shows just before Ramadan to watch before and after futoor. This year I heard so much about Saher El Lail that made me curious. I started watching the show about a week ago and got hooked. Gotta admit though it’s not the story that’s interesting, it’s the innocence, the great acting, and their great attention to detail. We have missed this quality in Kuwaiti (Khaliji in general) TV shows for a very very long time. It’s refreshing to see it coming back. Hope this show sets the standard back to where it was in the days of Khalti Ghmasha, Kharaj walam ya3od and such.

  14. I watch zwarat khmes only for the sake of finding out how Aziz and Moza turn out 🙂 even though its kind of obvious anyway.
    As for saher elail, i watched a few clippets of it, the quality is good, but the story didn’t draw me in much.
    This is the first Ramadan since ever that I’m actually keeping up with the shows and such. They’re horrible, but my curiosity wont die down.
    Korean dramas FTW!

  15. I wish i had input to share with you but i’m not following anything almost only Khawa6er on MBC 1 by Mohammed Al-Shugari right after Maghred Athan

  16. Ana t3aqadt mn el reyayeel el kuwaityeen after watching zwaarat 5amees!
    True it’s dramatic but also an eye opener to stuff that could happen to any couple
    Anyway it’s el 3ashr el awaa5er so ajaabel rabbi w 9alat el gyaam wayed abrak

  17. There are shows other than Bab el7ara???!! Everyone I know around the globe is watching that and only that! But good to see people are noticing the faults and mishaps in most arabic series.

  18. zwarat 5amees is called that because in the first 7alqa kanaw kilihom mityam3een oo 3afsa..chan mansour igool something in the lines of ina a7na kl yom lazim chna zwarat yom il 5amees.. ya3ni basically the 7alqa is called that because il 3afsa and il yam3a that usually happens once a week on thursday for some families.. for them really happens every day of the week…

  19. on the last episode of zwarat 5mees….the kids say that now after their grandma passed away..they all meet on Thursday..n each couple gets their own dish…hence the name zwarat 5amees,,

    i regret not watching saher ellail mn elawal…i started like the last 10days..after uv tweeted so much abt it = P
    and i must admit..i loved it !

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