Random Thought!

When I dont talk back its because I dont do “name calling” not since KG anyways 😉

Sometimes its just TOO LOW for me to sink to your level… I seriously cannot go THIS LOW! So I rise above

And why on earth would you wanna add me on facebook?

Lastly – “Silence speaks louder than words”

In plain Arabic….

الصمت أبلغ من الكلام

9 responses to “Random Thought!

  1. Does not sound random to me, random is quick and short.

  2. who dares to upset you!!!

  3. Shsalfa
    3asa ma7ad mthaygch!

  4. Hmm ok Fe mathal a7eb agola
    Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me ..aw bel3araby elkelab tanba7 welqafela taser

  5. whatever it is that happened to you .. your reaction to the situation is so mature .. i really respect people who use silence as a reaction to fools

  6. Totally agree, don’t give a sh*t ansam 🙂
    mashalla you are so creative blogger, o methel ma ygolon
    el shjra el mothmera torma bel 7ajar..

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